Chad Braithwaite

Well I started out as a restaurant manager back in Saskatchewan and at that time was a provincial bodybuilder. I had a good grasp on nutrition and supplements and always had a love for fitness. That love took me from Regina Saskatchewan to Campbell River BC. Where I purchased a Fitness Center. After a few years of training people and helping them reach their goals and helping with diets and supplements I decided it was time to open a small store here. It was December 2006. The store was a little over 700 sq ft. In 2 years I moved the store into a bigger location of 1100 sq ft. The store kept growing and growing during this time and I was starting to run out of space. I also sold my first franchise during this time and a store in Courtenay BC was opened.
Long story short, the Courtenay franchise had a back door clause that I would get first dibs should they w3ant to sell. And with that I became the sole owner on October 1st 2011. Last October 22, 2013 I made the bold move to purchase a 4500 sq ft building and venture into the world of stocking everything to do with fitness under one roof.
We are the biggest store on Vancouver Island and stock everything from supplements, weight equipment, cardio equipment, MMA supplies, videos, accessories, everything! If we don;t have it we will get it at the lowest price possible.
My team and I are all knowledgeable. Whether its mixed martial arts, bodybuilding, nutrition info for seniors, hockey, wrestling, or the general fitness person. We have the knowledge and the best selection and prices to get your to your goals.
Stop by today and meet our staff, check out our selection and ask any question you have. That is what we are here for.
Thank You and I hope to see you soon.

Brett Barabash

Manager - Courtenay Location
After years of experience and training in the fitness industry I decided to further my knowledge by taking courses that relate to the field. The first course I enrolled in and completed was to become a certified fitness Trainer, and while practicing my training skills that's when I decided to branch off into nutrition. I completed a nutrition program that covered basic nutrition as well as fitness nutrition, I chose this type of program as it applies directly to the type of work I do.
I applied the knowledge from these courses by working in supplement and fitness stores for several years, which eventually lead me here. Now that I am the full time manager at Fitness Etc, I bring to the table the skillset to help each person determine their individual training and supplementation needs.

Nick Bowman

Parksville Manager

With 7 years experience so far in the fitness industry. Nick specializes in natural nutrition. As a certified sports and fitness nutritionist, as well as, working towards his degree in biochemistry with a major in exercise science. He enjoys having the opportunity to work as a manager for Fitness ETC, getting to work with a wide range of customers. Having the expertise and knowledge to help anyone with anything when it comes to nutrition and training to ensure they're living the best life they possibly can is something he will always strive to give. He specializes in personalizing the advice he gives to each and every customer to ensure our clients get everything they need.

Jake Mckenzie

Junior hockey player

Courtenay/Campbell River Fitness Enthusiast

Ryan Ostensoe

Cardio Repair Genius

Ethan Marquis

Football player and Student

Parksville Location

Brett Kinley

Junior Hockey Player

Campbell River Location

Zac Frizzell

Active bodybuilder, dancer, and trainer
Campbell River Location