Trigger Point Cold Roller


SKU: 5602966


The Trigger Point Cold Roller is the most advanced roller available today. The Cold Roller has a unique design that allows athletes to benefit from myofascial release and cold compression at the same time. Made from stainless steel and featuring a liquid gel core, when you place the Cold Roller in the freezer for 2+ hours it will provide a rolling experience like none other.

The Cold Roller can maintain its cold temperature for up to 3 hours. By combining cold compression with traditional myofascial release, the Cold Roller helps minimize rolling times and maximize the speed of your recovery!

How to use the Cold Roller:

- Place Cold Roller in freezer for 2+ hours
- Wipe down with warm washcloth to remove any frost
- Begin rolling with only light pressure allowing muscles to adjust
- Do not stop rolling while using the Cold Roller

Fitness Equipment Features:

- Cold Roller made from scratch-resistant stainless steel
- Will maintain density over life of the product
- Combines benefits of cold compression and myofascial release
- Polyurethane wheels for easy rolling and added durability


Category: Accessories / Mobility