Steel Hex Dumbells


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Pro Hex Dumbbell is an economy dumbbell with plenty of special features. The softened edges of the dumbbell heads improve paint durability and adhesion by lessening the likelihood of cracking and chipping often experienced with the sharper edge hex heads. The knurled handles are ergonomically contoured to fit comfortably in the user's palm. Handles vary from 30 mm grip for increments through 20 lbs., increasing to a 35 mm grip for increments 25 lbs. through 100 lbs. 
Handles are hydraulically pressed creating a "fishtail" steel handle end. The handles are then permanently embedded in the heads by pouring molten iron around the fishtailed ends of a thick 35 mm solid steel shaft improving the strength of the head/handle joint. 
Dumbells are sold as a set (2) and come in the following increments

Price is $1.40/lb

If you purchase over 200lbs the price will drop to


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