Octogon Foam Plyo Box, 4 Piece Set - 45"


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One of the biggest problems athletes face when performing their plyometric routines, is the potential for injury. If an athlete does not commit to their jump, it can actually increase the chance of injury even further. The Octogon Foam Plyo Box helps combat this problem. They provide the ultimate combination of durability, stability, and safety, with an extra-large landing surface of 30" x 30".  The foam construction helps to reduce the chance of injury when jumping. The plyobox also features a velcro locking system to quickly change to different heights to perform different workout routines, making it perfect for all users. Plyo boxes are an excellent way for conditioned athletes to increase and develop their jumping, sprinting and explosive power. Don't hesitate and jump your way into a new fitness routine today! 

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Foam plyoboxes can help eliminate an athletes' risk of injury associated with high-intensity box jumps compared to traditional wooden or steel plyoboxes. Sold as a set of 4, each box features a dense foam core with a coloured vinyl cover. The cover also features printed height indicators, this allows the boxes to be quickly positioned at different height settings with the use of velcro straps to lock them into position. 3", 6", 12”, and 24” are the included sizes.


  • Foam core covered in durable vinyl
  • Can be used as a set of 4 or individually
  • Plyo Box set includes 4 Sizes:
    • 30" x 30" x 3"
    • 30" x 30" x 6"
    • 30" x 30" x 12"
    • 30" x 30" x 24"
  • Durable and impact absorbing
  • Designed to prevent injury
  • Velcro fixing straps to secure Plyo boxes together


90 days on manufacturers defects


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