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Power source: Non motorized treadmill

100% Green treadmill

No electrical cost – No maintenance – 100% running experience

New generation treadmill ; The user controls the speed by the body’s position on the curved running surface.Stepping forward initiates movement, as the user moves up the face of the curve, speed increases. To slow, simply drift back towards the rear curve.The Speedboard permits low foot impaction the running surface through its new design, forcing the user to run correctly.

Effortless running ; Walk , jog , stop or sprint instantly with no intervention other than just shifting your body forward or back, not having to touch any buttons. Just RUN. It’s the best design ever.

Curve ; Innovation patented curve design conforms better to your stride and encourages running on the balls of your feet, both reducing joint impact and improving performance.

Treads ; Engineered for light weight and incredible strength , the treads are moulded from an advance composite material that incorporates a soft shock absorbing cover, which , together provide just the right spring and shock absorption while handling the high loads and long life requirements .

Zero Maintenance System; Tread belt system is a strong foundation for the precision ball bearings and rollers that support a belt – tread system. As with the roller belt system , the end result is a smooth, quiet belt system with zero maintenance .

Console : Speed , time , distance , heart rate ( by polar) and calories.

Running surface : 17″ wide * 64″ long ( 43 cm wide * 164 cm long). Weight : 275 lb ( 125 kg)

Warranty: Full commercial . User limit : 400 lbs running and 800 lb walking.

Great for military use and fire departments were users will walk or run with full gear.

If you love running you will love Speedfit , this treadmill was designed for runners. Speedfit can be used bear foot .

Frame: Lifetime ,

Parts: 5 years

Labour : 1 year ( may vary depending on the location)


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