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Mutant Rehab

Mutant Rehab - Freaky Fruit Punch


SKU: 7085246


Key Points about Mutant Rehab

- Increased Nutrient Loading
- Increased Protein Synthesis
- Effectively Reduce Catabolic Activity & Promotes Anabolic Growth
- Promotes Joint Health

Mutant Rehab - The Complete Post-Workout

Working out hard leads to a depletion of your glycogen levels, this can lead to slow recovery times and decreased protein synthesis. Taking a good ratio of carbs to proteins can effectively help reverse this process by increasing your glycogen and protein synthesis. This promoted a health anabolic environment to grow and recover faster.
High intensity weight training will increase catabolic hormones that cause muscle damage, and hindering your rate of muscle growth. Mutant Rehab is designed to reverse your body from a catabolic state back into an anabolic growth state by stimulating your bodies’ insulin.

Increase Joint Therapy with Mutant Rehab

Lifting heavy weights or repetitive movements can do lots of damage to your joints. This product contains a clinical dose of Glucosamine and other much needed compounds for joint health and effective rebuilding of the soft tissues associated with your joints.

How to use Mutant Rehab

For best results you will want to take 1 serving (which is 2 scoops) right after your workout. Make sure you hydrate yourself well and mix it with 12 to 16 ounces of cold water.


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