Mutant Creakong


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- Explosive Power & Strength
- Blend Of The 3 Best Ingredients
- Clinically Proven Ingredients
- Zero Fillers

Mutant CreaKong 

Creatine works. There are over 300 studies proving that after protein, creatine is the #1 muscle building supplement of all time – and still is. The main goal of creatine is to deliver sheer unadulterated size and power! So at MUTANT, we decided to deliver the flat-out rock star of all creatines – MUTANT CREAKONG.

The one and only creatine blend that delivers only pure creatines from the world’s leading creatine sources, each one being patented and supported by clinical studies using actual human subjects proving that they flat out work.

No Hype. No Bull.

Just three fully researched and clinically-proven HUMAN muscle-making creatines:*

How Do I Take Mutant CreaKong

As a dietary supplement for adults performing high intensity exercise, take one full serving (4 g) 20–30 minutes before workout with at least 10–12 oz. of water


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