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Carb Ion



CARBION+ is an Ion-Charged Super Fuel comprised of 6 pH balanced, high-molecular weight and ultra-low osmolality carbs to power your most grueling workouts. Efficiency matters. CARBION+'s electrolytically infused formulation maintains optimal levels of hydration while the Utilization Factors ensure that carb delivery doesn't come at the cost of over-spiked insulin levels.*

We don't hide behind our label. The CARBION+ formulation reads like a published journal of highly engineered carb sources. Every carb, electrolyte and insulin-receptor sensitizing ingredient is clearly listed. Some call it Transparent Label Protocol. We call it telling the truth. Take a look at other carb products and see if they have some random undisclosed blend of rice, corn and potato.

Train with CARBION+ and never look back.

Why Do I Need a Carb Drink?

Understanding why someone would take a carb drink in the first place helps you understand why CARBION+ is vastly superior.

Reason 1:
Carbohydrates are the most effective and readily available workout fuel you can take.

Reason 2:
Properly supplemented, they provide a highly stable and reliable energy source for optimal performance - shifting to fat metabolism and protein breakdown via gluconeogenesis is dramatically less effective and reduced performance is the result.

Reason 3:
Supplementing with carbs is one of the best ways to help prevent cortisol levels from rising and subsequently, catabolic muscle tissue breakdown from taking place.*

Reason 4:
Recovery from intense training and replenishment of glycogen stores.

CARBION+, A Better Way to Power Your Workouts

What CARBION+ has done is to select a broad range of extremely complex and increasingly less complex engineered carbohydrates to provide a combination of absorption rates that deliver reliable, sustained energy.*

"CARBION+ delivers a reliable, sustained energy source
to power you through the toughest training."

Starting at the high end, AWM2300™ Waxy Maize is highly-branched and extremely complex and comes in at 200,000 g/mol, next in order of complexity is the Rice and Potato starch, while lower in inclusion rates, they are also very high on the molecular weight scale, and range between 80,000 and 120,000 g/mol, CCD™: Clustered Cyclic Dextrin is derived from Waxy Maize (Amylopectin) and has a molecular weight of 60,000 g/mol and finally, DE-5™: Dextrin is the least complex coming in at 45,000 g/mol; all far larger and more complex than the monosaccharides Glucose, Dextrose or Fructose which is 180 g/mol.

So, what does all this mean?

The goal of any supplement is to have an effect. In order to have an effect the nutrient (protein, creatine, aminos, carbs etc.) must find its way into the cell; getting into the cell means getting past the gatekeeper, the insulin receptor. The obvious way is to allow insulin to do its job. But higher levels of insulin come at a price. It requires higher levels of blood sugar. The Advanced Carb Utilization Complex within CARBION+ has ingredients that effectively reduce the level at which these nutrient gatekeepers "turn on" and actively take nutrients in.*

6 Carb Source Complex: Clustered Cyclic Dextrin, AWM2300, DE-5, FIBERSOL-2

CARBION+ provides a range of carbohydrate complexity from extremely large, highly branched and complex carb to a simpler complex carb such as DE-5™, an engineered carb with a molecular weight of 45,000 g/mol. It also provides 3.2 g of Fibersol-2™, another highly engineered carb that mimics the fiber effect of oats and provides beneficial actions like promoting regularity, supporting healthy blood sugar levels already in normal range, and helping shuttle triglycerides out of the body.*

With its very low osmotic pressure gradient and high levels of electrolytes, CARBION+ empties rapidly from the stomach, thereby facilitating efficient, sustained uptake and preventing bloating, cramping and indigestion that can occur with simpler carb drinks containing glucose or other sugars, especially when training hard.*

More to the point, like consuming oats, CARBION+ has the effect of delivering caloric energy in a manner your body can cope with more easily, reducing insulin spikes and sustaining energy delivery.* This sustained energy provides a steady supply to working muscles, spares muscle glycogen depletion, staves off muscle catabolism and fuels recovery.*

The addition of the electrolytes takes advantage of the delivery channels that share a common membrane with carbohydrate absorption. The Advanced Carb Utilization Complex further facilitates the uptake of the blood sugar by reducing the threshold of the activation of insulin receptors; simply stated, your body will be more efficient at uptake into cells of nutrients while requiring less insulin.*

How is CARBION+ Different?

Firstly, since we disclose what's in the product, it's pretty easy to research and hold us to what we put on the label. What you see in our formula are truly engineered carbs with research that suggests how these complex and highly branched carbs behave in the body. We have taken 6 carbohydrates, all with much, much higher complexity than a sugar and then provided a range of complexity, not unlike what you would find in food like rolled, cooked oats.*

"The degree of complexity of carbohydrates indicates
the length of the chain of glucose molecules"

The degree of complexity of carbohydrates indicates the length of the chain of glucose molecules; at the very low end you have monosaccharides, only a single glucose molecule such as dextrose or fructose. The larger the chain gets, the longer it takes enzymes to break down the links that bind them together. This is where the glycemic index (GI) comes from; the highest numbers come from the simplest, shortest chains because they are absorbed extremely quickly and the most complex and longest chains are the lowest numbers.


Dextrose - 180

DE-5 Dextrin - 45,000

CCD - 60,000

Rice Starch - 100,000

Potato Starch - 100,000

Way Maize - 200,000

This is due to the time required to allow the alpha-amylase enzyme to break down the long chain polysaccharides into single glucose, galactose or fructose molecules that can then be absorbed. It is a common myth that these larger chain polysaccharides can be directly absorbed, they cannot. The human digestive tract only absorbs simple sugar molecules. Since these very large chains require such a large amount of digestion, they absorb over a longer period of time.

CARBION+: Does it work?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, science, polysaccharide blah, blah, blah, BUT DOES IT WORK in the gym?! We've all heard the stories about the theory of why this or that should work, but does the rubber meet the road? The answer is yes.

We have found what we believe to be the absolute best combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and uptake/absorption factors to provide a highly efficient and sustainable energy supply. The mechanism and action of this supply provides truly superior training in many respects.*

  • Elevated performance intensity and duration result in greater muscle stimulation.
  • Increases in blood plasma volume and muscle glycogen provide a profound pump within every training session helping to stretch muscle fiber and fascia.
  • The carbohydrate effect of blunting the rise in cortisol levels common to intense training supports a reduction in muscle tissue breakdown.*

After a year in production and testing, test subjects reported superior workouts, improved recovery and ability to get back into the gym faster than normal.* Reports have been coming in with exceptional muscle fullness, great vascularity and stunning pumps.

The ability to remain in the gym training hard for far longer has been one of the most common reports. This really underscores the value of having such a well delivered high-quality source of carbohydrates with efficient delivery; you are effectively fuelled for a greater duration.*

This brings a level of intensity to training that simply did not exist before. Being able to maintain a level of intensity at a far greater duration brings results. Train with it once, you will feel the difference the first time. You will not want to train without it again.

So, how do you take CARBION+?

As the label indicates you can take CARBION+ Pre, During and Post Training. Clearly each timing has its benefits.

PRE-TRAINING: If you are taking it Pre-Training the main goal is to LOAD UP and fill your muscles full of glycogen for maximal performance. This should really only be done when you have depleted your glycogen. So, in the case where you are Cycling your carbs by taking them only around training time and eliminating them outside of training, you would eat few, or no carbs and focus on fats and proteins. Approximately 45 to 60 minutes before training, take 2 servings. You would also take an additional 2 servings following training.

DURNING TRAINING: CARBION+ is most commonly taken during intense training. Mix prior to your workout or event and start consuming 2 servings 15 to 20 minutes into your session. You will initially begin your training by tapping into your existing glycogen stores and as CARBION+ absorbs and begins working your body will naturally shift to its most preferred and efficient fuel; glucose. This will effectively power your training, spare glycogen, blunt catabolism and power your recovery.*

POST-TRAINING: Taking CARBION+ immediately following your event or training is an excellent way to fuel recovery and replenish glycogen stores. This can be combined with CARBION+ taken during training if you have an exceptionally long training session or event. Your level of fatigue should be your guide.


6-SOURCES OF CARBS: All High-Molecular Weight (45,000 g/mol to 200,000 g/mol) that reach the site of absorption at least 30 minutes faster than traditional dextrose or LMW maltodextrin. Since it doesn't sit in the stomach waiting, NO bloating and NO cramping!

When CARBION+ gets there it gets broken down by enzymes releasing a steady stream of workout fuel. No insulin spike, no hypoglycemic sugar crash; just steady, reliable energy.* Single forms have only 1 size of molecule and the breakdown, release and uptake of carbs is not nearly as diverse. CARBION+ is loaded with electrolytes to maintain high training performance for a much longer duration; a mere 2% drop in hydration results in fatigue that worsens as hydration drops. Key electrolytes in CARBION+ also enhance glucose uptake.

CARBION+ has a full spectrum of uptake/absorption factors that further enhance nutrient uptake. Supercharging the gateway to the cell, CARBION+ helps shuttle nutrients and energy into muscle cells. CARBION+ really is the perfect carb solution. Enhance your training intensity every workout.* Improve your muscle volumization in every set.* Increase your vascularity.* Cut cortisol and spare glycogen stores. Max out your metabolism by keeping high quality carb fuel steadily feeding muscles.*

Train Harder. Recover faster. Obtain superior results
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Magnum MIMIC harnesses the power of insulin mimicking to increase one?s insulin sensitivity, without increasing insulin levels in your body. A person who is ?insulin resistant? has a hard time processing carbohydrates, which results in the release of excess insulin to get glucose into the resistant cells. Insulin resistance is a sign of the beginning stages of diabetes and occurs when the body is not able to utilize the insulin correctly. When your body releases excess insulin, carbs are stored as body fat, when they should be used as energy and as glycogen for bigger, fuller muscles. MIMIC? was formulated to increase insulin sensitivity for all healthy individuals. So whether you?re trying to build muscle, burn fat, or both, you need every calorie you ingest to be optimized. You want carbohydrates to supply energy and great pumps, and proteins and healthy fats to build muscle and burn fat!

Magnum MIMIC contains advanced compounds suited for mature individuals. Science has shown that these natural, 100% Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients may increase testosterone level production. Every ingredient in Magnum Mimic has been meticulously tested for maximum purity and effectiveness to ensure optimal absorption.

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Mutant BCAA capsules




  • 100% Free Form BCAAs in Ultra-Fast Capsule Delivery
  • Total BCAA Formula To Help Drive Protein Synthesis
  • Research Proven Ingredients Contribute to Muscle Growth

Mutant listens to you, our Mutant Nation of loyal fans. A growing number of you have raved about our Mutant BCAA powder (Mutant BCAA 9.7) and many of you demanded an even more convenient delivery method – so here it is, all new Mutant BCAA Caps. Throw a bottle in your gym bag and you’ll never have to worry about missing your BCAA dose when you’re on the go. Mutant BCAA Caps deliver 2000mg of 100% free form BCAAs per dose in the preferred 2:1:1 ratio. Plus we’ve kept intact the vital mineral electrolytes and the patented absorption agent Bioperine® that we also use in our Mutant BCAA 9.7 powder.

  • The preferred 2:1:1 ratio of the 3 BCAAs
  • Adds a unique 8 Electrolyte Blend to help with hydration
  • Fortified with Bioperine the patented absorption agent
  • Served up in ultra-fast capsule delivery

BCAAs are the 3 amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine – they make up about 40% of the free essential amino acids in blood plasma. Branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) are so named because of their unique branched chemical structure. BCAAs are essential amino acids - the body cannot make them from other compounds, and they are integral for regulating protein synthesis. BCAAs have been investigated for their potential anti-catabolic (preventing muscle breakdown) and anabolic (muscle building) effects. BCAAs are widely regarded as a cornerstone supplement for building muscle.

Recommended Use:
As a food supplement, take 4 Mutant BCAA Capsules with 250-500mL of cold water; consume before or during exercise on training days, or throughout the day on non-training days.

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