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NL Yoke



Please note; because this item is to big for Canada Post to ship you must contact us directly for a shipping quote.

Build Total-Body Strength faster than you thought ever possible!

A staple of CrossFit and Strongman/woman routines all over the world due to its enormous benefits, the Yoke/Ski kit accessory is one of the most demanding fitness tools ever created for developing supreme total-body core strength and functional ability. The Yoke is in essence a Crossbar accessory that is designed to attach to either the Northern Lights 72" CrossBox Squat Stand or the Northern Lights 92" Cross Box Squat Stand with Chin Bar (Squat Stands sold separately) and enables users to perform unique total body exercise movements such as the Yoke Walk, and Yoke Press. These movements incorporate the entire body and allow you to build-up strength levels throughout, quicker than other more traditional training methods. The kit also gives you the option to remove the bottom support brace included with the Squat Stands, if the user prefers to do so.

This Yoke/Ski CrossBox Kit from Northern lights features a height adjustable Crossbar that enables users the ability to perform a variety of Strongman/woman exercises such as those mentioned above. But it also gives users the ability to perform classic chin-ups and pull-ups as well. 

The kit also comes equipped with four versatile ski/storage plate holders that allow you to add as much additional weight as needed, to give your body the ultimate strength and conditioning challenge, while the ski's allow for a smoother, sliding motion during use. You can also customize.

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