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Rig Accessories



Product Description

Rig Accessories

Are a great way to increase the functionality of your rig at small cost, see below options for adding to your Bells of Steel Rig.
Extra hooks to enable squatting on more stations.
– Heavy-duty rubber insert protects your bar knurling from damage.
– Bullnose 1″ pin design for quick and easy adjustments.
– Heavy Duty laser cut and precision bent design.
– These J-Hooks will support over 1,000lbs
– Sold in pairs.

Safety Spotter Arms
These heavy-duty 24” Safety Spotter Arms are designed to protect both the lifter from any unpleasant training accidents.

The Rig Spotter Arms from 2 ½” x 3 ¼” 11-gauge steel tubing, with welded-on end-plates for additional safety and specially designed hitch-pins to lock the spotters in place.

Spotter Arms Specifications:
• Sold in Pairs
• Steel: 2 ½” x 3 ¼” 11-gauge tubing
• Length: 20”
• 1” bolts and fasteners

Double Barrel Landmine for Rig
The Landmine  will help the athlete build core rotational stability and peak power through a greater range of motion, and is a key tool in the development of sport specific strength and conditioning.

By inserting your Olympic bar into the pivoting sleeve, the single Landmine is ideal for rotational training. Add the second Landmine, complete the set, and benefit greatly from a host of essential dual movements for the power athlete. The Double Barrel Landmine will add a unique capability to train explosive full body strength and one of the best means of training core-to-extremity power transfers.

Rig Plate Storage Peg
Easy Plate Storage for your existing Rig.

Whether it is for a box, studio, or garage gym with limited square footage, it’s an excellent alternative to purchasing a separate stand-alone plate storage shelf.

Plate Storage Peg Specifications:
• Loadable Post Length: 10”
• Sold individually

Rig Rope Pull Attachment
Increase upper body strength and perform resistance training with the Rope Pull Attachment. Ideal for people who are working towards rope climbs, and gyms without the height for a rope. Easily adjust the tension and height to ensure the perfect fit and training for each athlete.
Rope not included

Rig Trawler
The Rig Trawler was designed to increase your Rig’s versatility without changing its footprint. Easily mount to any B.o.S. Rig, the Trawler instantly creates an additional muscle-up / ring workout station without sacrificing a pull-up bar spot.

Rig Shackle
A simple rig shackle with carabiner that connects easily to any 2.5×3.25” tubing with 5/8” holes, and offers an easy and a secure way to hang rings, ropes, grip tools, Punching bags, and a wide range of other useful add-ons. The Shackle comes with a carabiner and 5/8” mounting pin.

Shackle Specifications:
• Attaches to any 2.5×3.25” tubing with 5/8” holes
• Carabiner included
• 5/8” Mounting pin included

Rig Flying Chin Up Bar
Flying chin ups are essential to building gymnastic strength, power, and muscle recruitment. The Flying Pull-up Bar allows athletes to safely train advanced elements of gymnastics: generating momentum, maintaining rhythm, and improving hand-eye coordination.

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