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Elite Force X-Trainer Sandbag junior 5-25lbs


  • ATED #1 FOR DURABILITY, FUNCTIONALITY AND VERSATILITY – EFG Sandbags are constructed with Authentic Military Spec 1000 Denier Waterproof Nylon Fabric (The real thing). We use Military guidelines for optimal strength in the construction of our sandbags and weight inserts. Spartan Canada put our bags through the ultimate test as an obstacle in their Canadian race series and after being slammed tens of thousands of times each, on every imaginable terrain, they still don’t show any signs of wear.
  • ADJUSTABLE – Whether you're new to training, or a seasoned athlete, having the ability to adjust your training weight quickly and easily is a must! That's why EFG has INCLUDED Multiple, Pre-Filled, Labelled Weight Inserts to meet your training and exercise needs. Simply add or remove any one of the INCLUDED 5lb, 10lb or 15lb Pre-Filled, Pre-Weighed Inserts and QUICKLY and EASILY, Adjust your Wrecker Sandbag anywhere from 5lbs to 60lbs. No leaks and no need to deal with messy sand.
  • WHAT DO YOU GET – When you order the Elite Force Gear Large X-Trainer Combo, you get: (1) Sandbag, (1) Rucking/Training Shoulder Harness and (5) Pre-Filled, Pre-Weighed labelled weight inserts (1 x 5lbs, 1 x 10lbs and 3 x 15lbs).
  • WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH IT – Hike, Ruck and train with extra weight on your back, keeping your hands free to do Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Lunges, Squats, etc. Detach the EFG Harness and use your X-Trainer Sandbag indoors or take it outside to build lean strong muscles, increase your cardio and muscular endurance, increase your functional strength, shed fat, lose weight and so much more. All at a fraction of the cost of buying multiple kettlebells, dumbbells, and other expensive free weights.
  • 3 YEAR TOUGH GEAR WARRANTY – We want you to have the peace of mind knowing that if your bag rips (which we’re pretty darned sure it won’t), we’ll replace it for you. It’s as simple as that. We pride ourselves on providing the best Customer Service in the industry. It’s our way of saying Thank you.
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