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3 in 1 Foam Plyo

3 in 1 Foam Plyo


SKU: 575489


The 3 in 1 foam plyo box gives you 3 different boxes in one! Made of high-density foam, your shins will thank you!

A safer plyo box solution for your gym.

Despite the innumerable benefits to plyometric training there is the ever present danger of banged up shins and other undesirable injuries that can cause set backs. Especially great for novice users, these ultra sturdy no-pain-lots-of-gainz ply box will instil confidence in those new to jumping and minimize injury for all.

The 3 sided foam plyo box is shaped like a rectangle, so it gives you 3 different heights in one, saving you money and allowing for use with multiple skill evel user. 20″x 30″x 24″

The box has an internal reinforcement that makes the plyo box sturdy enough to be used for box squats.

Here are 2 great benefits of plyo training

Develops fast-twitch fibers
The goal of plyometrics is to maximize muscle contraction, quickly, which essentially means that a byproduct of plyometric training is that you will develop power. Plyometric training can strengthen fast twitch fibers and increase the ratio of fast-twitch fibers to slow-twitch in your body.

Increases the strength of tendons
Which means fewer injuries. Plyometrics strengthen the tendons and improve their elasticity by placing stress on them in a controlled setting. There are numerous studies that support the use of plyometric to reduce ACL injury risk.


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